Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aryan Brotherhood & Nazi Low Riders


The Aryan Brotherhood was founded by white outlaw bikers in 1964 at the San Quentin state prison. The prison gang was created as a way to protect white inmates from predatory black inmates, but its cause transformed into revenue when the gang began gaining power. The gang’s founding fathers were Irish-American bikers and adopted the 3 leaf clover as its official symbol. The highly organized prison gang is one of the most violent white supremacist groups in the nation and is accountable for over 100 bloody murders throughout its existence. Aryan Brotherhood leaders have been the recent target of the FBI, DEA and ATF who are trying to dismantle the ruthless gang. The AB was added on the police hit list after a series of brutal murders and assaults on law enforcement officials. The Aryan Brotherhood is one of the largest prison gangs in the nation and has branches in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia,, Kansas Ohio and Colorado.


The Nazi Lowriders or NLR is white supremacist gang that originally formed in Costa Mesa, California in 1978. The neo Nazi street gang spread into the California Youth Authority and then into prison. The Aryan Brotherhood “adopted” and reorganized the NLR in the mid 1980’s, using it as a holding tank of potential recruits for the AB.

Symbols: A skeleton eagle grasping a swastika, NLR, Hitler.
Nickname:  The Ride.
Ranking structure: Seniors and juniors.
Territory: Costa Mesa, Long Beach, Inland Empire, San Bernardino, Fontana, Riverside, and Corona.
Alliances: Vagos Motorcycle gang, Insane White Boys, La Mirada Punks, Independent Skins and Orange County Skins.
Members: 5,000.
Racial make up: White and Hispanic.


  1. hmmm how can i get a hold of the AB n let them know that someone near my house states hes AB member or associated with them when he hangs with colored n he hates hispanics im tired of him running his mouth n his name is Adam Shively

  2. The formation of the AB had nothing to do with outlaw bikers. I know guys with bluebird tattoos, and my uncle was on the yard at San Quentin when this stuff happened, from 1967-1971. He is in the picture shown in the AB documentary, with Michael Thompson, taken at Folsolm in the mid 1970s.
    The HA made the famous "we're not white, we're red and white" comment and it led to a few fledgling AB members being overrun by BGF members because the HA and other bikers stayed off the yard. In return, the AB took all the possessions of the HA members on the yards at SQ, Folsolm, and Soledad, and it spread through the system. My uncle was part of the crew at SQ that put them off the yard, just like he was on the yard when the HA punked olut.
    This is common knowledge among convicts, real convicts, if you had ever spoken to any. I suspect your research has been done by reading biker books and watching television, and the shaved head does nothing to give you "credibility."

    1. Anonymous post of July 11, in FACT very GENUINE. He has definitely done his work and I am just posting to collaborate his FACTUAL post. Good job sir. THANKS for straightening that guy out. 1=SPEW=2

  3. i think all of you need to get a grip, on whats important. NOT HATE! we are all god's children. what's wrong with all of you haters? there has been test, and work on DNA, that everyone in the world are conected. grow up, and put on your big person underwear. GET A LIFE!