Friday, December 31, 2010

Prospective Book

John Lee Brook is considering a book about the Bloods.  Preliminary research -- to ascertain the viability of such a project -- will begin shortly.

West Coast Bloods: The Bloods gang was formed during the 1970s in the Compton area of California. According to NDIC reporting, Silver Scott is credited with forming the Piru Street gang and Benson Owens established the Westide Pirus. Both groups aligned with several neighborhood gangs in an attempt to unite against the Crips. The group subsequently became known as the West Coast Bloods.

East Coast Bloods: The United Blood Nation (UBN) gang was founded by two African-American males (Omar Portee and Leonard Mackenzie) while inmates at Rikers Island Prison, New York in 1993. The gang was initially formed to protect African-American inmates from the threat posed by Netas and Latin Kings gangs who dominated the prison.

Membership: According to a 2004 NDIC report, Bloods membership was estimated between 15,000 and 20,000. According to NAGIA’s 2005 National Gang Threat Assessment, UBN membership is estimated at 5,000 in New York City and 7,000 nationwide.

Location: Bloods gangs are located in the Southwest (Los Angeles, in particular), West Central, Pacific and, to a lesser extent, the Great Lakes and Southeast regions. The United Blood Nation is heavily concentrated throughout New York City and their presence has expanded to other locations along the East Coast, Mid Atlantic, and Southeast regions.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aryan Brotherhood & Nazi Low Riders


The Aryan Brotherhood was founded by white outlaw bikers in 1964 at the San Quentin state prison. The prison gang was created as a way to protect white inmates from predatory black inmates, but its cause transformed into revenue when the gang began gaining power. The gang’s founding fathers were Irish-American bikers and adopted the 3 leaf clover as its official symbol. The highly organized prison gang is one of the most violent white supremacist groups in the nation and is accountable for over 100 bloody murders throughout its existence. Aryan Brotherhood leaders have been the recent target of the FBI, DEA and ATF who are trying to dismantle the ruthless gang. The AB was added on the police hit list after a series of brutal murders and assaults on law enforcement officials. The Aryan Brotherhood is one of the largest prison gangs in the nation and has branches in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia,, Kansas Ohio and Colorado.


The Nazi Lowriders or NLR is white supremacist gang that originally formed in Costa Mesa, California in 1978. The neo Nazi street gang spread into the California Youth Authority and then into prison. The Aryan Brotherhood “adopted” and reorganized the NLR in the mid 1980’s, using it as a holding tank of potential recruits for the AB.

Symbols: A skeleton eagle grasping a swastika, NLR, Hitler.
Nickname:  The Ride.
Ranking structure: Seniors and juniors.
Territory: Costa Mesa, Long Beach, Inland Empire, San Bernardino, Fontana, Riverside, and Corona.
Alliances: Vagos Motorcycle gang, Insane White Boys, La Mirada Punks, Independent Skins and Orange County Skins.
Members: 5,000.
Racial make up: White and Hispanic.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Release Date Set

The new release date for Blood In, Blood Out is January 12, 2011.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Rebecca Parrett

At the end of October, U.S. Marshals arrested Rebecca Parrett, who had been hiding out in Mexico for the last two years.  It's still not crystal clear how they became aware of her whereabouts.  I suspect someone must have spotted her.  Most criminals get caught because either they talk too much or others talk too much.

John Lee Brook almost wrote a book about Rebecca Parrett's involvement in the largest private healthcare scandal in history.  It was to be called 'Bad Company.'  However, another author, who is more qualified and had access to more information, is presently writing the story.  Can't wait to read it.