Saturday, June 19, 2010

(Zzyzx Pt 3)

Part 2
Dr. Springer knew God never thought small, so neither did he. He filed a mining claim on 12,800 acres of California desert. Then he got to work on building Utopia.

For three days each week, he and his ‘family’ lived in a luxury hotel suite in Los Angeles. There he made tapes for his national radio broadcasts, which permeated the atmosphere across the United States, blazing forth from 100,000 watt radio stations. 227 radio stations transmitted the words of Dr. Springer. And they were golden words, for they stimulated his listeners to part with their money. The donations flowed in, and the money was counted and deposited in the bank.

The other four days of the week, Dr. Springer cruised skid row in his campaign bus, rounding up drunks, bums and penniless vagabonds. He offered them food and shelter in return for manual labor. They were put to work in the desert, building the headquarters of his soon-to-be worldwide ministry.

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