Thursday, June 17, 2010

(Zzyzx Pt 2)

(Part 1)
Dr. Springer became a minor celebrity because of his gift of gab. He was a radio evangelist at radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh in the 1930’s. The business of saving souls destined for Hell was booming and Dr. Springer needed room to boom. The year was 1944 and God had given Curtis a ‘word of wisdom,’ which is where God whispers in the ear of the pious. God told Curtis to “go into the desert,” because the war would soon be over and His work needed to be done. God would bring the people to Curtis.

So Dr. Springer packed up his fiancee Helen and their born-out-of-wedlock daughter and moved to what he called “a mosquito swamp” in the Eastern Mojave. Spiritual fads and miracle cures were all the rage in California. The people had open hearts and open minds. And Dr. Springer hoped to open their hearts to Jesus, their minds to the Holy Ghost, and their wallets to him.

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