Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whew! Finally, It's Here.

The book arrived at the U.S. distributor's warehouse yesterday.  I was informed it takes a week or two for the book to percolate through to the bookstores, but that it will soon be there.



  1. Mr.Brook, I couldn't wait and ordered it from Amazon.com/UK! All I want to say is, THANKS AND CONGRATULATIONS. The book was more than expected, with the information about the beginings of the "AB", the story of each of the Council/Commisson Members and how they each started their criminal careers which landed them in the prison system and led to them joining "the Brand". The power they wield from the cell in Florence, Colorado's ADX Pen, their coded messages and keen ability to communicate while under the strictest of conditions is purely genious, yet very simple! I hated waiting for this book, because I had a feeling that it was gonna be GREAT AND WANTED IT NOW!!!
    Well, congratulations Mr.Brook on a fine piece of true crime, "the Brand's" story needed to be told, you did it in just the right/proper manner. Straight facts with no leaning in one direction or another in regards to the activities or ideologies of the subject. It was an amazing book, in fact I'll read it again, since it only took 3 days to complete this CLASSIC...PLEASE LET US KNOW IF ANY OTHER BOOKS ARE COMING OUT!

  2. Hi Mad Sam,

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it. Regarding other books, I'm hoping some publisher will soon latch on to my work-in-progress.

  3. Got your book yesterday, finished it right now. It's an excellent one, congratulations! I am a kind of gang expert myself, so most of the book (until the trial) was familiar to me. The truly interesting part began with the super-laps and the NLR involved. I didn't know the story did continue. Anyway, I got some questions.

    How about the NLR? All I found on them was totally different than in your book. Could you please tell me about what you know concerning the tensions between the NLR and the AB? I heard that the AB didn't like Mexican members in the NLR and did a contract with PEN1 to hit NLR members on sight who wouldn't do the ABs bidding to drop the non-white members out. Is that true? On the other hand I didn't know the NLR where a biker gang at all. How about that? I thought they were just a bunch of low life tweeker skins. That Mr. Wolfman seems to be a very interessting person. Tell him to come to Germany. We have lots of 1%er Biker Gangs here and prison is not tough at all. Na, just kidding.

    Seriously, I would like to here from you. Get to me if you will. This is my mail address: jens DOT boele AT ish.de

    Great work, keep it up!