Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Out!!

Pleased to announce that Blood In Blood Out is officially OUT in Europe.  And official release in the U.S. will follow within a few days, according to the publisher.


  1. Look John Your book is lies NLR motorcycle club are you kidding me a whites supremacist book your first you say your a ex- convict really? Are you from California? Your really a fake ass ex- convict and shouldnt tell a story if you really dont know it,??? Gabe morales is a cop and you say you done time do you belong to a gang group or are you a drop out of some group or gang?out of state gang are you even from California? You dont know anything about real accounts other then history of the Aryan Brotherhood

  2. They say you live in Montana do your research if you dont know or cant find out about it dont write lies Ive heard alot of people said you have lied no mistakes,all they way in germany but if you have really been to prison weres your Biography? I dont see a introduction really about you on your blog you might be a writer but alot of us question your creditability about your life behind bars buddy,If you lie people will pick you apart not everyone is Nieve about prison life were did u do time? Montana? California? Are you a white Supremacist? You can answer or not John lee Brooks just dont lie in your books cause there are real gang members who been to prison out here if your going to tell a story research it dont write about something you dont know about writers research Im a writer and gang expert Im not a cop but real ex-convict from California and real alleged member of the Aryan Brotherhood since 1993 some of your writings are Ok on the AB ,I guess you done your best with the research you did for the book,Im not attacking your character or morales or values just your facts history fact the NLR was a car club founded by John Youngster Stinson and Shorty Haden from the Inland Empire the I.E is were Shorty was from and they actually started the Ride as there called in California Youth Authoritys juevnile prison,later becomming a California prison gang,both founders of NLR/PEN1 are Aryan Brothers and are Validated members of the AB I know all of this because I really have lived it My friend try having a great day look fpr my book comming out ALook Inside the Aryan Brotherhood 50 years of History due to be out this summer 2014...Bumper