Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Update on Blood In Blood Out

April 21, 2011 has been established as the release date of Blood In Blood Out.  Pre-sales of the book are going well in Europe.

And get this:  the publisher has altered the cover of the book, adding 'blood' and changing the tint of the background color.



  1. Looks fierce...please keep us true fans in mind, I know it's been MORE THAN STRESSFUL FOR YOURSELF. Hope this isn't out of line, but do any of the upper echelon 'Brand' members know about this book, this "tell all"?? The Baron, Tommy Silverstein, the Federal "Leaders", any word about what they feel about this book coming out...hearing anything on the grapevine?
    Gotta be a bit nerve wracking, for these guys are barbarians, who will kill at the drop of a dime. I appreciate your hard work and the fact that you are keeping us posted...HOPE IT'S SOON.

  2. I believe that they will appreciate the fact that I am adding literary fame to their infamy. I hope it's soon, too. I have about twenty people I have promised copies to! Ha, ha, ha.