Monday, August 16, 2010

Preview: Introduction of Blood In, Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood

The Aryan Brotherhood: The First Woe

January 16, 1967: Nazi prison-gang associate Robert Holderman was stabbed and then battered to death by Black Guerilla Family gang members at San Quentin.

January 17, 1967: 1800 black inmates and 1000 white inmates clashed on the main yard at San Quentin over the death of Robert Holderman. Prison guards broke up the brawl by firing shots into the mass. Five inmates were wounded by the shots. One inmate suffered severe head trauma from the beating he received from opposing gang members. Two other inmates suffered non-fatal heart attacks.

August 27, 1967: Nineteen-year-old Barry Byron Mills was arrested in Ventura, California and held for transfer to Sonoma County, where he had boosted a car. Sonoma had issued an arrest warrant in his name for grand theft auto.

December 12, 1967: Barry Mills requested and was denied probation. Instead he was sentenced to one year in the Sonoma County Jail.

January 29, 1968: Barry Mills and Buddy Coleman escaped from the Sonoma County Honor Farm.

February 17, 1968: Barry Mills was arrested in Windsor, California, and held on a warrant charging escape without force.

March 12, 1968: Barry Mills sentenced to one year and one day in prison for escape without force from the Sonoma County Jail.

March 13, 1969: Barry Mills was released from prison.

January 13, 1970: Soledad State Prison Aryan Brotherhood leader Buzzard Harris, along with fellow Aryan Brotherhood members Smiley Hoyle, Harpo Harper and Chuko Wendekier, and Mexican Mafia members Colorado Joe Ariaz, John Fanene, and Raymond Guerrero battled with Black Guerilla Family gang members on the exercise yard at Soledad prison. Tower guard Opie Miller opened fire with his high-powered rifle, killing Black Guerilla leader W.L. Nolen, Cleveland Edwards and Alvin Miller. Aryan Brotherhood leader Buzzard Harris was wounded in the groin by a rifle bullet.

January 30, 1970: Barry Mills and William Hackworth were arrested after robbing a Stewarts Point convenience store.

February 3, 1970: Barry Mills convicted of first-degree armed robbery after co-defendant William Hackworth testified for the prosecution. Barry Mills sentenced to 5 years to life in prison.

April 21, 1972: Aryan Brotherhood members Fred Mendrin and Donald Hale murdered Fred Castillo by stabbing him to death at the Chino Institute for Men. Castillo was the leader of the Nuestra Familia gang. The Aryan Brotherhood murdered Castillo as part of a contract with the Mexican Mafia.

December 15, 1972: Aryan Brotherhood members Fred Mendrin and Donald Hale sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Fred Castillo.

1973: The Aryan Brotherhood was officially formed in the federal prison system.

October 18, 1977: Aryan Brotherhood member Little Joe O’Rourke engaged in a vicious gun battle with campus police at El Camino Community College. The gun battle erupted when the police, as part of a routine check, disrespected Little Joe by asking him for his student I.D. Little Joe was wounded and arrested.


  1. I've been waiting on this book for months now, Amazon doesn't have a clue and Barnes and Noble just keeps apologizing while asking for more time! This is great, nothing has been published on the Brand to this extent, just this taste, this outline, reading how,"the Baron" got pinched and the rest is history, is UNREAL! I've read a few books on La Eme and Nuestra Familia, so I've gotten a little info regarding how the Brotherhood ran things, siding up with the Southeners/Surenos, La Eme, taking on the BGF and NF for prison yard 'rackets/politics'!!
    What makes your book UNIQUE, is the details about the begining(s)of the Brand, as well as those personally involved, some still alive and maintaining RANK WHILE IN COLORADO SUPERMAX!! To read about the differences between the Federal Members and the State Facility members, as well as the other prison gangs affiliated with them, the NLR, Peckerwoods, M.C. Clubs, etc.!! HIGHLY ANTICIPATED MR.BROOK!!

  2. When can we expect the book to come out? Real soon, I hope... It's been almost a year now since I ordered the book... and still nothing.